Hayland Terrain

28/32mm Modern/Wasteland Scenery Bundle

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These are Scaled for 28/32mm.

This set Has 20 Individual Sculpts with no duplicates! Lots of great resin scatter to show off on your table!

These Sets are hand cast in resin 

You will Recieve these sets listed below - 

Car Wreck Bundle - 

1 x Wrecked Van

1 x Wrecked Car

1 x Wrecked Muscle Car

Destroyed Bathroom Scatter -

1 x Destroyed Toilet

1 x Destroyed Sink

1 x Destroyed  Bath

1 x Destroyed  Bathroom Shelves


Destroyed  Diner Set -

1 x Destroyed Diner Stools 1

1 x Destroyed Diner Stools 2

1 x Destroyed Diner Table

1 x Destroyed Diner Single Chair

1 x Destroyed  Diner Double Chair

1 x Destroyed  Girder


Destroyed Industrial Kitchen Set -

1 x Destroyed  Fridge

1 x Destroyed Unit 1

1 x Destroyed Unit 2

1 x Destroyed Cooker

1 x Destroyed Dryer

1 x Destroyed Dryer 2

1 x Destroyed Washing Machine


These are Supplied Unpainted.

Due to the casting process Cleanup will be Required as these are Resin

Miniatures are Not included, They are to show scale only.



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