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Loot Goblin - Pirates Of The Dread Sea

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Pirates of the Dread Sea is a skirmish game for 2 or more players. Players field crews of around 5-10 miniatures who do battle with one another in the pursuit of gold, infamy and glory. And more gold.

Every crew in Pirates of the Dread Sea can be completely unique, with players creating characters with a Race, Rank and Role which give access to various Skills and Traits.

Across campaign games, a crew can grow and develop, capturing legendary items and growing in riches and reputation.

All dices rolls rely on 2d6. Players take it in turns to act with a character. Most characters can perform two actions, such as Moving, Shooting, Fighting hand to hand etc. Captains can complete three actions, including giving orders to other characters to allow them to act again. Players are also dealt Event cards, allowing them to interrupt one another’s actions with random events.


  • Loot Goblin ( 1 Metal Miniatures.)

Supplied Unpainted. Some assembly is required.



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