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Bonefields Rulebook

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Bonefields Rulebook

Ancient Grudges: Bonefields is a skirmish game set in the blasted realm
of Grimgard where two ancient forces have been fighting an unending
war for longer than any can remember. So long, in fact, that there are
barely any left alive on either side. Spurred to dark magic to continue
their ancestral grudgematch, necromancers from both sides now
wander the sundered realm accompanied by entourages of undead
warriors, each hoping to find some lost magical artefact or source of
power that might return them to their former glory…

Two players will each take control of a warband led by a powerful
spellcaster, who wields arcane power to drive his minions ever onward.
Magic is key to any strategy in Bonefields; it can be used offensively,
defensively or tactically, blasting the enemy with sorcerous bolts,
forming shields of swirling energy or compelling warriors to great
feats of savagery.

This fast-paced skirmish game is quick to learn but its dynamic
turn sequence and magical resource management present important
decisions every round. Will you empower your minions for an all-out
attack, or will you act defensively and store magic to make your force
more durable? Only you can decide…

 1 Soft Back Bonefields A5 Rulebook.



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