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Bonefields - 2 Player Starter Set.

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 In the realm of Grimgard two ancient forces have been fighting an unending war for
longer than any can remember. So long, in fact, that there are barely any left alive.

Desperation has turned both sides to dark magic as hordes of undead warriors clash
against one another for an eternity across the blasted wastelands of the Bonefields.

Ancient Grudges: Bonefields is a fast-paced skirmish game designed for two players.

Choose a powerful spellcaster to take control of your warband and pit your might
against your opponents in a game of magic and strategy. With themed scenarios
and rules for levelling up your warband,

you can craft a force that will do yourbidding. Will you empower your minions for an all-out attack, or will you act defensively and store magic to make your force more durable?

Only you can decide…

This Includes

1 A5 96 Page Softback Rulebook

1 Goblin Starter Set

  • 1 Goblin Vampire Leader
  • 4 Goblin Archers
  • 4 Goblin Warriors With Spears & Shields

1 Dwarf Starter Set

  • 1 Dwarf Necromancer Leader
  • 4 Dwarf Warriors With Axes & Shields (Dwarf Warriors B)
  • 4 Dwarf Berserkers With Axes

2 Printed Token Sheets

2 Leader Character Cards

4 Warband Character Cards

6 D6 Dice

18 25mm Bases

Supplied Unpainted, Some Assembly Required.



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