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Across The Dead Earth Miniature Bundle + PDF Rulebook

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Across the Dead Earth is a Post-Apocalyptic skirmish wargame from Hayland Terrain, Three generations on from The Last War, pockets of humanity roam the ghost towns and ruins of humanity, looting and fighting for profit, glory, dominance and their very lives Across the Dead Earth.


This bundle includes -
Across The Dead Earth - 87 Page PDF Rulebook
The Family (5 Miniatures)

Comprising Adam, Ezra, Skylar, Reggie and Drexyl lead a Gang of adventurers Across the Dead Earth!

The State (5 Miniatures)

Comprising Jester, Yoshi, Skelch, Squint and SIWOC, this squad of State IAO troopers fight to bring order Across the Dead Earth!

The Red Claw Gang (6 Miniatures)

Comprising Ronnie, Shrimp, Fatboy, Pyro, Topper and Shay-Man, the Red Claw are one Gang of crazies you do not want to meet Across the Dead Earth!

The Engineers Forward Expeditionary squad (5 Miniatures)

Comprising 5 white metal miniatures The Engineers Forward Expeditionary Squad seek out technology and loot Across the Dead Earth to salvage and return to their base where they re-purpose it for survival equipment or weaponry.

Aysha and Nisha (2 Miniatures)
23 Metal Miniatures in Total.
Supplied Unpainted and Unassembled.



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