Phrozen Sonic Mini Review - Low Cost, Detailed & Fast Prints.

Phrozen Sonic Mini - 5.5"




  • Budget Friendly - $200 USD, £270 GBP.
  • Fast Printing 2.2/s Printing Speed and can go to 1.5/s print speed  Compared to the normal 8/s Print Speed on most printers.
  • Side USB.
  • Paraled Matrix - More uniformed Prints.
  • Quick Setup Time ( Less than 10 Minutes!).
  • Can use 3rd Party Resin.
  • Mono-LCD - up to 2000 hours Before replacement


  • Plastic Vats  ( But! Metal Vats soon will be available.)
  • Replacement Parts Hard to get in Europe.
  • Build Platforms (Flat on top)

What we do love about the Sonic Mini is how much you can fit on it, I can easily fit 36 28mm miniatures for example below,

24 Goblins Printed

In Under 2 hours you can have 36 new miniatures to paint! or if your into Gaslands, you can Print 40 Missiles for your cars in less than 1 hour!

We personally print nearly everything support-less and on the Build Plate without loss of detail, to take advantage for the 5.5" screen and fast printing,

Final Thoughts

For Hobbyists and Company's We think this is a great starter printer for prototyping and for the hobbyists to print your own miniatures especially at the price, A must buy for this would be a metal vat,  but the plastic one is fine for starting off.

We are planning to do a comparison of the Sonic Mini and the Elegoo mars.



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